For Sale By Owner Tips

Owners who sell by themselves often lack the expertise to accurately price a property to sell. You could end up selling for too little even in a strong market. You could find yourself outmatched and outwitted against an experienced agent unless you, too, have strong negotiation skills.

  • Examine the home from a stranger’s point of view before you begin to prepare your house for sale. Ask a friend to help—someone who might be more detached than you are. Ask them to walk through your house and note deficiencies and things that just feel wrong.
  • Consider spending money on improvements. Fixing things that do not work and making repairs before selling can improve your profit, but do not go overboard. The single biggest downfall for sellers is spending a lot of money on repairs that will never be regained.
  • Do not underestimate the power of home staging. It can mean the difference between selling now for more money or not at all. At least get rid of the bulk of your furniture if you cannot afford to hire a professional to handle this for you.
  • Always separate your pets from buyers during showings.
  • Put a lockbox on your premises for easy access by agents.
  • Learn how to hold an open house.
  • Hire a good photographer.
  • Consider targeting buyer’s agents with your marketing and offering additional compensation to lure a buyer’s agent to show your home.
  • Budget for more time than you think.
  • Consider certain seasons to list your house.

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